2013 DSCC@ Stanford University

2013 ASME Dynamic Systems and Control (DSC) Conference

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Message from the General Chair and the Program Chair

The Sixth Annual Dynamic Systems and Control (DSC) Conference, sponsored by the Dynamic Systems and Control Division (DSCD) of ASME International, will be held at Stanford University, Munger Center, Palo Alto, CA. It follows the sequence of 2008 Ann Arbor, 2009 Hollywood, 2010 Cambridge, 2011Arlington, and 2012 Ft. Lauderdale DSC Conferences. This conference the major venue for DSCD technical activities, professional meetings, and the DSCD awards banquet. The conference will feature a carefully-structured technical program, invited sessions, the Nyquist Lecture, invited speakers, special sessions, as well as social events. All accepted papers will be accessible via the Engineering Index. They will be posted on the ASME web archives. The DSC Conference technical program will cover topics from dynamical systems modeling, simulation, analysis, design, control theory, industrial applications, and dynamical systems and control education in technical, interactive, and tutorial sessions. We welcome you to the 2013 DSC conference.

Nejat Olgac
General Chair

Miroslav Krstic
Program Chair

Conference Highlights

2013 Oldenburger Lecture to be given by Dr. Graham C. Goodwin

Goodwin-pic Dr. Goodwin, Federation Fellow and Professor of Electrical Engineering at The University of Newcastle, will give the 2103 Oldenburger Lecture, titled “Beyond Servo Mechanisms: Challenges and Opportunities in Control Science“. Click here for more information.

2013 Nyquist Lecture to be given by Dr. Galip Ulsoy

galip Dr. Ulsoy, C.D. Mote, Jr. Distinguished University Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and William Clay Ford Professor of Manufacturing, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, will give the 2103 Nyquist Lecture, titled “Reconfigurable Systems: The Role of Dynamics and Control“. Click here for more information.

Plenary Lecture-I to be given by Dr. Joseph J. Beaman, Jr.

beaman-pic Dr. Beaman, Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Earnest F. Gloyna Regents Chair in Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin, will give a plenary talk on “Emerging Nexus of Cyber, Modeling, and Estimation in Advanced Manufacturing“. Click here for more. information.

Plenary Lecture-II to be given by Dr. Oussama Khatib

khatib-pic Dr. Khatib, Professor at the Department of Computer Science, Stanford University, will give a plenary talk on “Robots and the Human“. Click here for more information